About Us

Congratulations You Found Us!


Somehow the stars have aligned and you’ve stumbled onto the last cutting board page you’ll ever need. Whether you’re an avid chef, backyard BBQ’r, a restaurateur, someone who values high quality or if you’re looking for that perfect gift, you’re here and we welcome you.

In every aspect of our lives, we’ve always wanted the best of the best when we’re spending our money. When it comes to running and operating this business and providing our customers with a product, there’s NO exception. Everything we use that goes into our boards are top of the line; from the materials, the tools and the lumber we painstakingly hand select (our lumberyard loves us by the way).

We believe in these principles…

  • Doing things right the first time

  • Being transparent

  • Providing excellent customer service

  • Delivering the highest quality products

We do not mass produce or outsource our builds to other makers. We create every single one of our customer’s orders in our own shop. We have the splinters in our hands and sore backs to prove it; we wouldn’t have it any other way.